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Amazon is helping to remove false wake words from Alexa’s vocabulary

 Amazon’s smart assistant has gotten pretty good at recognizing its own name (much to the apparent chagrin of many who share it), but that doesn’t make it immune from false positives. To make Alexa better at filtering out similar words, Amazon is today introducing a new feature called Cloud-Based Wake Word Verification for

Download of the day: WPS Office Free

WPS Office Free If you need an office suite but don’t want or can’t afford Microsoft Office 365, you have several options. You can go for Google Docs and accept its limitations in favour of its collaboration features and decent storage.You can download an Office-a-like program or suite that kicks

iPhone SE 2: what we want to see

Last year’s introduction of the iPhone SE showed us a side of Apple that hadn’t been seen before: one that revives old, unchanged designs. By keeping the look of the popular iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S intact, then stuffing it with specs seen in the iPhone 6S, the SE,