Effective Ways to Modernize an Outdated Kitchen

Best Tips to Modernize an Outdated Kitchen | How to Update a Kitchen?

You cannot stop yourself from praising a beautiful kitchen with modern design and cutting-edge appliances. Since you spend hours in the kitchen, it should be well-planned, beautiful, and comfortable.

Flawlessly crafted cabinetry, drawers, and user-friendly ranges make modern kitchens a lot more comfortable than old-school ones. You should take advantage of new designs and products available in the market. It is probably the best time to modernize an outdated kitchen without spending a fortune on renovations.

You can add a beautiful cooking counter, spacious cabinetry, cutting-edge ranges, and new appliances in the outdated kitchen. Invest now and your kitchen won’t need renovation for several decades!

Why should you remodel the existing kitchen?

Most people recommend that remodeling is a better alternative than constructing new spaces. Your outdated kitchen may have an outdated design, but it is still a part of your home dedicated to cooking. A contractor might not even recommend too many changes to modernize your space. Thus, remodeling costs will stay low and you can spend more on appliances.

You already have a kitchen in your house if you are planning to modernize it. There is no need to spend a considerable sum of money on building a new room just to have a modern kitchen. You can expand the outdated kitchen and get more space for cooking with new cabinets and appliances. 

Gather more information on how much modern kitchen accessories cost. Consult with a kitchen renovating agency to get a quote for the entire project. You will find out that remodeling is a more cost-effective and smarter decision than building a new kitchen.

Rebuilding the outdated kitchen might not even be an option if you live in an apartment! So, avoid it and check outdated kitchen remodeling ideas.

Tips to Remodel the Kitchen

You get numerous kitchen designs to choose from. Assess the available space, pick the best way of organizing it, and follow the below given tip.

Avoid the wastage of space

A kitchen accommodates a wide variety of tools, products, and appliances. If organized flawlessly, it can make cooking an extremely pleasant job.

You should think about how and where you will use different products and tools. It will help you organize the kitchen in a better way.

You can store bowls, plates, and breakfast foods near the dining table to enjoy breakfast conveniently. Prefer storing plastic containers and wraps at the same spot near the kitchen counter. It will help you wrap and pack leftovers quickly and you can prevent food wastage. Place flatware and dishware near your dishwasher to load and unload dishes faster. 

All such space organizing ideas help you build a perfectly organized kitchen. Be creative in your approach and end result will be quite amazing!

Manage the traffic flow!

The kitchen should not feel crowded when you are preparing meals. There should be enough space to do multiple chores together. 3-4 people should be able to work together without colliding with one another.

Unfortunately, small kitchens cannot offer too much free space. You can still find a kid-friendly kitchen design to prevent accidents. The cooktop should be far from traffic areas so that toddlers can easily pass through the cooking area without getting hurt.

Your kitchen appliances should be located near the cooktop. The fridge, microwave, blender, etc. should not be too far from the gas range. Thus, you can easily use those appliances without overcooking your cuisines.

Prefer a wide walkway

Kitchen cabinets should not be placed too close otherwise it will be pretty to work in the tight space. Ask the remodeling agency to provide a floor plan with wide space between kitchen cabinets. 42” wide aisles will give enough space to complete regular cooking and cleaning jobs easily.

If aisles are not as wide as required, you will find it tough to move freely in the kitchen. Besides, it will be extremely tough to entertain guests when you are hosting a house party. So, prefer to have 42” wide aisles in your kitchen to move without any trouble.

Keep corners in mind when remodeling the kitchen

Experienced designers never design a modern kitchen without assessing corners. If you do so, you can place appliances and cabinets perfectly in the kitchen. Those corners won’t become a hurdle when you are opening or closing cabinet doors.

If you don’t pay attention to corners, appliances and cabinet doors may not be fully functional. There won’t be enough clearance to make full use of furniture and products installed in your kitchen.

All your appliances and cabinets should be away from corners. Thus, you can open and use these storage sections perfectly without banging the door next to the wall.

How are you going to use kitchen islands?

Most modern kitchens have a spacious kitchen island. It offers space to prepare ingredients for the recipes you are cooking. Besides, you can use it to keep decorative items, small appliances, and other items you frequently need while cooking.

Presume how you are going to use the island when the kitchen is fully functional and then select its location. Suppose you are going to cook and eat on the island, it should be wide enough to accommodate all the items. You can also set up the sink, dishwasher, and drawers under the island to utilize the space in a better way.

Select the right height for your microwave oven!

Many people choose to place the microwave under the gas range. Such an organization allows you to cook multiple foods together quite conveniently. If you want a kid-friendly kitchen design, the microwave should be placed at least 3 feet above the floor. It will prevent small kids from accessing the appliance.

The placement of the microwave also depends on the height of the chef. You can place the appliance 4-5 feet above the ground if you are a tall person. Keep it 2-3 feet above the ground if you aren’t too tall. Place it below the countertop if there are no small kids in your family.

Should you change all the old appliances?

First, you have to decide how much you are going to spend on kitchen remodeling. If your budget is not too high, replacing all the old appliances is not a good idea. Your main concern should be having a fully-functional kitchen. Make sure it contains every appliance a modern kitchen has to make cooking easier.

If you can spend money on cutting-edge appliances, you should go for it. Get new appliances with new technologies to save extra bucks on power. New appliances will also make your kitchen look more attractive.

Assess kitchen plumbing and electricity before the project begins

Not many homeowners worry about the plumbing and electrical fitting job because the remodeling agency manages these things. You have pre-installed plumbing lines in the kitchen. Do you want to use the existing plumbing arrangements or want to change the position of the sink and water taps?

The same thing applies to electrical wires. The remodeling agency will provide the support of professional plumbers and electricians to restore the plumbing and electrical systems.

If the new kitchen design requires changing the sink and electrical switch locations, you should inform the contractor. The contractor should not refuse to make the required changes once the renovation work begins!

Should you double-up kitchen appliances?

Do you live with a joint family? Do you often organize house parties to entertain your friends and have company around? If there are always 8-10 people around, you may need to increase appliances. You may need two microwaves, a large refrigerator, a dishwasher, and other appliances.

The island will also get larger if you often prepare food in large quantities. Families, which require multiple cuisines in the lunch and dinner, also need multiple appliances for cooking. So, assess how much food you will cook before you decide on appliances.

Do you need a pot-filler around the cooking area?

Do you hate to pick and haul water-filled pots to the gas range? It can be daunting for many people, especially elderly family members. Modern kitchen designs include pot-fillers. It is a swing-out tap installed near the gas range.

You can use the pot-filler hose to get clean water whenever required in the recipe. It will help you save time and prepare a perfect recipe without any risk of an accident. 

Make recycling easy!

Have your garbage container away from grocery storage, cooktop, and refrigerator. Use different types of containers to recycle different types of items. Have a different drawer to store papers towels, aluminum foil, and other packaging materials. Thus, you will easily package food for outdoor parties.

Final thoughts

Kitchen remodeling should not be a stressful experience. Follow the suggested tips and you will have a beautiful kitchen with the best appliances to cook delicious meals. The remodeling company will also recommend some important changes when discussing the design, price, and other things. Ensure your kitchen not only looks modern but also makes cooking a super-easy task. Follow the suggested guide and you will get the best space to prepare your favorite meals.

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