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Best Baby Monitor Buying Guide


BABY SHOWER GIFT IDEA | Best Baby Monitor Buying Guide

Life becomes pretty amazing when you have a baby. A baby monitor is what you need to monitor the baby when you are in another room. You spend most of your time by taking care of that little individual and notice all of his moves and smile. It is a very pleasing experience, but that does not mean that everything gets easier. Taking care of babies is not an easy task. Your lifestyle gets changed and you need to be around the baby 24-7 to keep him happy and comfortable. Of course, you cannot be around the baby all the day. There are also some other household jobs that you need to finish. Therefore, you need something that can ensure that your baby is fine or not. 

All the Moms and Dads worry about their babies whenever they get engaged in other necessary works of their home. The baby monitor reduces their stress and provides a constant surveillance on what the baby is doing at the present time. The babies are unpredictable. Sometimes they will gurgle, sometimes they splutter, and sometimes they may cry. You cannot be sure that how your baby will react during the next minute. It is your job to keep him happy and comfortable all the time. You cannot do it if you are not around your cute child and therefore the baby monitors are the best for the parents.

The modern baby monitors are more advanced than the earlier models:

Yes, there were some drawbacks in the earlier models of the baby monitor. The manufacturers addressed some issues faced by the parents and they have tried to improve the quality and performance of their devices. Today’s baby monitors are equipped with many cutting-edge features. These devices will allow you to take complete care of your baby, whether you are around him or not. You can also buy the sensory monitors, which are capable of noticing the breathing and other movements of the child. These monitors quickly ring an alarm, if the sensor does not detect any movement.   

Parents always get confused when it comes to buying the best baby monitor. You must remember that there is no right or wrong choice in this device. You should know that what features you need. It is up to you that you want a simple monitor or a high-tech monitor that is equipped with plenty of amazing features. If you just want to notice that your baby is awake or crying, then a simple monitor would be the best. If you need a device that is capable of sensing baby’s moves and provide live video feed along with some more sophisticated features, you should buy an advanced device. All the devices have some pros and some cons.

We have shredded the details regarding some devices that will certainly be the best choice to take care of the babies. Before you check those baby monitors, you must check why it is very beneficial for you and why you should invest some extra to get more features.


Benefits of baby monitors:

The list of benefits would be quite long if we try to endorse all the benefits of this device. Let’s focus on some key benefits for which you would like to buy a high-quality baby monitor.


  • Get aware of baby’s movements:


Is She or He a cute newborn baby or a toddler? The baby monitors can be useful for monitoring the actions of all the babies, even if She or He is one or two years old. Most of the parents leave their babies in the crib while they are in other rooms of the home. It is sure that the baby will not stay quietly in the crib. He may move his hands and legs if he is awake. Whether there are toys or not, the babies find themselves in an uncomfortable position when the mom is not around them. They can be quiet for a while and then they will start crying. So, the baby monitor will help you in knowing when your baby is playing comfortably and when he is not in a good mood.

When it comes to the toddlers, it is very tough to keep them in one place. They soon learn how to escape out of the crib and toddle around the room or house. It can be very dangerous for the health of the kids because they may pull things or injure themselves by knocking some hard objects. You can watch baby’s movements in the baby monitor and keep him safe from possible injuries if there is an advanced baby monitor with live video feed feature. This device will help you in ensuring a complete safety of your kid.


  • You can get a better sleep during the night:


Parents do not get enough sleep when they have a small baby at home. As we all know, babies do not like to sleep all the night. It seems like they know when to wake up and make some noise to break parent’s sleep. The babies can wake up any time during the night and it is most likely that they will cry. Your baby will also do the same and it is your job to assure him that everything is fine. The baby monitor can inform you immediately that when your baby awakens during the night and when he cries. Thus, you will also awake only when the baby cries otherwise you can sleep calmly.  

  • It will be easy to track the sleep time of the baby:

The kids between 1 to 3 years age need at least 12 hours sound sleep. The toddlers and newborn babies need around 12-14 hours’ sound sleep to be healthy. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for them to sleep calmly. The live video feature of the video monitor can help you in tracking the sleeping time of the baby. The babies quite often wake up and do not cry. They toss and turn to play in that small crib. You can quickly get around him and help him in sleeping if the baby has not slept enough.

  • Cloud service:

The cutting-edge baby monitors of this age can connect to the internet via the Wi-Fi network at home. The live videos can network with the external cloud service, which will allow you to get the live video feed anywhere you want. If you and your spouse do different jobs, you may like to hire a babysitter to take care of your baby. However, the working time would be the toughest time for you because you will always be worried about your baby. The cloud feature of the modern baby monitors will provide live videos of what is going on in your house. Thus, you can constantly know how good the babysitter is and how your baby is doing during your working time.

  • Helps you in preventing little injuries:

The babies grow pretty fast. They start reacting your talks and moves pretty quickly and soon they start turning and tossing. Parents believe that their kid is safe in the crib when they are away, but that is not true. If the baby has learned to stand up by holding the crib, the chances of small injuries would always be there. The babies can fall on their hands and it can cause minor injuries. The video baby monitor can help you in preventing such dangerous moves of your baby. It means you can quickly be around the baby and let him sit or lay down whenever he tries to pull and stand up.

There would be many other benefits of the best baby monitor. What you must consider is the features provided by this device. If you will invest your bucks in a cutting-edge baby monitor, you will get a much better technology to track different movements of the baby. It is a perfect solution for all your worries regarding your cute child. It should be the best device under your budget.


Baby monitor buying guide:

Many people do not realize how important the baby monitor is. They consider it just another gadget that they install in the baby’s room to get a glimpse of baby’s activity. It is an essential device, and therefore you should ensure that you are investing your bucks in a high-quality device. It makes your day a lot better if you have a large house. You can perform many other activities without putting your baby in any sort of discomfort or danger. However, buying the best device would not be a simple task. You will have to consider some important aspects before placing the order and those aspects are as follows:


  • Sound range, sensitivity, and interference:


When it comes to choosing the best baby monitor, the first thing you should check is the sound range. It should produce a good quality sound. You should be able to hear it even when you are at the other corner of your house. The monitor should be capable of sensing all the sounds produced around the baby. You may get some normal baby monitors that work on normal radio frequencies. Such monitors can pick up interference and signals from other devices like microwaves, cordless phones, or the baby monitors installed in your baby’s home.

It would be a troubling experience for you and therefore you should choose a baby monitor that allows you to select different frequency. The interference will minimize if your device is equipped with the DECT technique. The signal range would be much wider and that’s what you want in a large house. The cutting-edge monitors that you can connect to the WiFi network offer more personalized settings. Buying such a baby monitor will be a better decision because there will be no interference and better sound range.

  • Camera angle and quality:

If you are planning to buy a video monitor, make sure it is equipped with a high-quality camera. You should receive high-quality pictures on the display so that you can see all the moves of the baby in the form of high-quality video. This device should be able to shoot the baby’s videos from different angles. It will help you in getting the full view of baby’s crib. You can invest some extra bucks and get a baby monitor that allows you to remotely control the camera angle. Thus, you can change the camera angle and zoom in/out to view the whole room.  

  • Movement sensor:

A baby monitor without movement sensor is worth useless. The cases of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) have increased during the recent years. It is a very painful experience for any family. Many parents did not even get a chance to take their babies to the doctor in such conditions. You should not take any chance and buy a baby monitor that can sense baby’s moments in the crib. Such monitors provide constant updates on what the baby is doing, he is breathing calmly or not, and you can also know that your kid is awake or not.


  • Infrared camera:


A simple video baby monitor would be available with a normal camera. It will transmit quality pictures only during the daytime because it captures good pictures in the daytime. The babies not only be active during the daytime. They actually are more active during the nighttime and all the parents know that. Therefore, you should choose a baby monitor that not only captures quality pictures during the daytime but also during the nighttime. You need a baby monitor that is equipped with an infrared camera. It will shoot the videos during the nighttime and transmit it directly to the display you have in your room. Thus, you will know what your baby is doing.


  • The Lullaby mode:


You may say that you don’t need it, but this mode will be very helpful in keeping your baby calm. Suppose you are cooking in the kitchen and suddenly the baby starts crying. You cannot leave the dish on the gas range, but you can play some tunes or lullaby on the baby monitor to let your baby feel comfortable. It has helped many parents in completing other important works of the home when their baby is in the crib.

  • Indicator lights:

What if the device fails to transmit the baby’s crying sound? Thus, you will not know that your baby is feeling uncomfortable and he is crying. You must choose a baby monitor that not only transmits the sounds but also indicates a light signal to let you know that the baby is crying. It will assure you that there is everything all right. It is also helpful for parents, who cannot hear and want to take proper care of their kids. So, check this feature carefully while buying a baby monitor.

  • Room temperature sensor:

What if you could indicate the room temperature in your baby’s room? You could quickly change the settings of the air conditioner or heater to maintain a perfect temperature. The modern baby monitors come with room temperature indicators. You can check the temperature anytime you want and then make it comfortable for the healthy nap of the baby.

  • It should be battery powered:

You should buy a baby monitor that is powered by a battery. It is necessary because thus you will not need the main power supply to plug-in the monitor. It will monitor the baby constantly, even if there is no power in your area.

  • Two-way communication:

It is an amazing feature that all the moms need in the baby monitor. Baby monitors, equipped with the two-way communication feature, allows you to respond quickly when your baby is crying or simply talking, you can respond and have some cute talks with your kid. All the moms need this feature, especially when they get busy with the household jobs and cannot be around their loving babies.

Consider these features, make sure you have chosen a baby monitor equipped with most of the mentioned features, and your life will become a lot simpler and enjoyable with your baby.

Best baby monitors 2018:

A lot of products are available in the market. All the manufacturers claim to provide the best baby monitors. Do not get fooled by those claims and follow the buying guide we have provided in this post. We have picked 3 best baby monitors by considering all their features. Those three best baby monitors are as follows:


Arlo Baby Monitor

It looks like a green bunny and it is really a cute device, but that’s not what you should consider. The Arlo Baby monitor is worth using when it comes to features. This device transmits high-quality video of the nursery directly to your phone. It means you don’t need to buy a separate display because you can get live information on your smartphone. This bunny style baby monitor offers features such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors, night vision, speakers to play lullabies, and a multi-color nightlight. Though there are so many features in this impressive device, it is very easy to operate the device.

Do not worry if there is not enough space for placing a large device in the nursery. The Arlo Baby Monitor is a compact device. You get a well-designed app to manage all of its functions. You can access its features remotely and monitor your baby’s actions 24-7.


Motorola BABY Monitor

The Motorola MBP853 Connect is one of the best baby monitors available in the market today. Its stand-alone RF-Enabled viewer, handy smartphone video streaming application, and many other features turn it into an ideal choice for monitoring the nursery. If you don’t want to pick your smartphone time and again for checking the nursery and the baby, the MBP853 Connect’s portable display would be the best to view the video feed. It will transmit top quality videos during the daytime. The 3.5” wide LCD screen will also provide normal quality pictures during the nighttime.

Though Motorola is providing an impressive display of this baby monitor, it didn’t compromise with the mobile app. You get a dedicated mobile application to view the videos and pictures of the baby. You may find the functions of the mobile app a bit confusing if you are using the baby monitor for the first time. However, this device has numerous great features that you will need to take better care of your baby.


IBABY Monitor

This device has been in the top five baby monitor list for two years and it is still one of the best baby monitors you can buy online. This product is competing with many cutting-edge devices, but the buyers trust it. A wide range of advanced features makes it the first choice of all the parents. It costs a very affordable price and still offers some great features. That’s why most of the parents choose it over other expensive products.

It is easy to install and an easy to use the device. Just follow the installation instructions and you will install it within a few minutes. You will have to download the dedicated app to stream the live videos on your Smartphone. Its camera captures 360° videos and transmits high-quality pictures. Yes, it has smart alerts, temperature sensor, and humidity sensor. All in all, you get all the necessary features to ensure your baby is fine or not.

Final words:

All the parents want to provide their kids with the best facilities so that the kids can enjoy a comfortable life. The teens can express what they want, but not the toddlers and infants. The baby monitors are designed to help you in knowing what your baby is doing and wants at the time. Buy the best baby monitor to capture live videos of your cute baby and get entertained with his initial moves. This device will make things a lot simpler for you. There will not be any issue regarding the baby’s health and your work if you have a quality device installed in the nursery.


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