Two Fruits You Must Eat for Glowing Skin and Better Health

Every individual wishes to gain glowing skin, shiny hair, and good health to live an amazing life. Unfortunately, maintaining the charm of skin and hair is not as simple as many believe. Pollution and poor eating habits can cause severe damage to your skin and hair. Therefore, you must eat some fruits that provide a rich supply of nutrients to improve the texture of your skin and hair. Mosambi and Cherimoya are two fruits, which can be easily available in the market. You will get surprised if you will know the health benefits of these two fruits.

Benefits of mosambi for your skin and hair:

Mosambi, which belongs to the citrus family, is quite beneficial for our health. It offers a complete package of nutrients, which are beneficial for fair skin and healthy hairs. It tastes quite similar to orange, but it has different properties and different health benefits. People in Asian countries prefer mosambi juice to maintain healthy skin and hair. If you are one of those people, who don’t know the advantages of drinking mosambi juice, you should check its benefits. 

  1. It can cure scurvy:

 Scurvy is an oral disease that occurs because of lack of vitamin C. If you have swollen gums or cracked lip corners, it is scurvy problem and Mosambi juice is quite beneficial treatment of this disease. It is full of vitamin C, which reduces scurvy issue and provides healthy smile. 

  1. Rejuvenates skin:

The entire appearance of a person depends upon his skin’s health. It is quite necessary to take complete care of skin. Mosambi juice offers perfect support for rejuvenating skin. It makes your skin look brighter and younger. Mosambi juice offers a fair color to your skin and its pulp can also be applied over skin as a scrub. Mosambi pulp takes away dead skin cells and offer charming look. 

  1. Better digestion:

Mosambi juice contains flavonoids, which cures all the issues relevant to digestion. Flavonoids promote exudation of digestive juices. Health experts always suggest patients to drink mosambi juice, when they suffer with bad digestion issue. It also cures irregular bowel problems and helps your body in consuming all necessary nutrients of food. 

  1. Heals dehydration issue:

Often people take carbonated drinks, when they feel thirsty. You may habitually prefer soft drinks and carbonated drinks, but these drinks are quite unhealthy. These may increase acidity problem and these drinks are also not good for diabetes patients. Mosambi juice preciously eliminates thirst and it also adds lots of minerals in your body to promote better health.  

  1. Constipation killer:

Mosambi juice contains acids, which are renowned for evacuating toxins out of bowel tracts. These toxins are mainly responsible for constipation. If you drink mosambi juice to terminate the constipation issue, take it with one pinch salt. The benefits will increase and your every health issue relevant to stomach will get healed. 

  1. Makes your hair look stronger and denser:

If you are facing too much hair fall problem, you need vitamin C. Mosambi juice is a natural source of vitamin C. Drink one glass Mosambi juice daily and you will get beneficial results in terms of strong and healthy hairs. 

Benefits of Cherimoya for skin and hair:

Cherimoya, which is renowned as sugar apple, is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. It belongs to the Annonacea family and it is native to the countries of Central America. You can easily recognize this fruit by the mosaic patterns over its skin and its small size. It is quite creamy and some people refer it as the tree of ice cream. As delicious flavor it offers the same health benefits also get by eating Cherimoya. Some renowned health benefits of cherimoya for skin hair and health are mentioned below. 

  1. Bulk of vitamin C:

Cherimoya fruit is considered as a great source of vitamin C. If you daily eat one cherimoya fruit, you can add 30 milligrams vitamin C in your body. There is no need to explain that how beneficial vitamin C is for attaining charming skin and healthy hairs. If you are suffering from aging issues or hair fall problem, eat one cherimoya every day. Soon you will see the positive benefits. 

  1. Immunity booster:

As mentioned in the first point, cherimoya fruit offers a sufficient amount of vitamin C. The regular consumption of vitamin C leads not only to better health of skin and hairs, but also to better working of the immune system. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant. It makes our body capable of resisting any type of infectious bacteria or microbe. That’s what we need and that’s you can get by eating one cherimoya every day. 

  1. Nutrient booster:

Vitamin C is only one of those essential nutrients, which you get through cherimoya fruit. In actuality, it offers antioxidants, minerals and many other health promoting nutrients, which our body needs to work better. It is fact that people often pay high amount for health drinks, which contains such nutrients. Eating cherimoya is probably an affordable and very health friendly way of boosting nutrients. 

  1. Good for heart:

People spend many dollars to keep their heart healthy. Some of them use drugs; some do lots of cardio exercises and some take doctors’ support. People, who eat one cherimoya every day, they do not spend money for cardiovascular health. It helps you in avoiding free radicals attack on lipids. It reduces LDL cholesterol levels and promotes HDL cholesterol levels, which is good for better health of our heart. 

  1. Promotes good growth of hairs:

The nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamins and magnesium are in bulk quantity in cherimoya fruit. These nutrients maintain a healthy diet of a person, which is quite necessary for quick and good growth of hairs. 

  1. Ply-phenolic antioxidants:

There are many poly-phenolic antioxidants in cherimoya. The most beneficial antioxidant is annonaceous acetogenins. This antioxidant is a very beneficial cytotoin that preciously prevents you from cancer and malaria diseases. 

Add these two fruits in your regular diet and you will soon regain the charming appeal of your skin and hair. In addition, you will be fit, fine, and healthy.

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