What is the Best Way of Taking Green Tea?

What is the Best Way and Time to Take Green Tea? | Green Tea Benefits

The morning does not feel refreshing and exciting until you don’t take a tea or coffee. These two beverages have become quite essential for people, who like to feel fresh and active. It is an energetic beverage that is readily available across the globe.

Different people prefer different types of teas. Some like it black and some prefer it with cream. However, when it comes to enjoying the rawness of the tea, the cream isn’t necessary. Regular teas are good to feel energized, but they don’t do much to improve your health. Switch to green tea if you want to enjoy a health-promoting beverage in the morning.

Millions of people have recently switched to green tea. Its numerous health benefits have drawn tea lovers from all over the world. Reputable tea brands offer several varieties of green tea. You can get the most out of any green tea variety if you know how to consume it properly!

Continue reading to learn some interesting facts about green tea. You will also learn how to prepare and consume green tea for maximum health benefits.

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Why Green Tea is so Popular Nowadays?

Whether you talk to a health expert or a fitness enthusiast, they all love green tea. What is so magical about this ingredient and why has it become so popular? Probably because it helps in shedding extra fat!

Obesity has affected millions of people. Many of them cannot get rid of excess fat accumulated across their belly. It is frustrating that intense workouts and strict diet plans do not show quick results. The weight loss process speeds up when you include green tea in your diet.

Green tea became so popular because of the following reasons!

  • It boosts metabolism

A lot of people talk about slow or poor metabolism without actually understanding the process. The process of turning food into energy for bodily cells is called metabolism. If your body efficiently converts food into building blocks, such as lipids, proteins, carbohydrates and nucleic acids, your metabolic system is working fine.

You feel healthy when your metabolic system is working well. If its performance is affected, you can experience health issues, including obesity! Therefore, it is quite important to promote the smooth functioning of the metabolic system.

Green tea is one of the finest foods to boost metabolism. It delivers nutrients to eliminate the causes of slow metabolism. Your body can burn fat faster and you feel more energized than before. Therefore, one cup of green tea is perfect to maintain a healthy physique.

  • It has bioactive compounds in abundance

Most people only care about the taste and that’s not good for the health. You should immediately switch to a better product if it can make you look and feel better. Green tea provides a rich supply of bioactive nutrients. You start receiving these ingredients from the first day!

You can gain polyphenols, such as flavonoids and catechins from green tea. No other tea offers these nutrients. Besides, green tea is also known as an antioxidant powerhouse due to its rich supply of antioxidants.

Take one or two cups of green tea every day and you can eliminate most of the free radicals. These molecules won’t cause oxidative damage to healthy cells in your body. Thus, you will feel much healthier and stay immune to several diseases.

  • It helps you lose body fat faster

Green tea has been one of the first food changes people make to lose body fat. It contains nutrients that speed up the weight loss process. You cannot rely solely on this ingredient to achieve amazing results. Make it a part of your weight loss diet regimen and you will experience wondrous results. 

Researchers have conducted many studies to reveal the weight loss benefits of green tea. Their research revealed that green tea improves metabolic function. It helps the user digest food faster and burn extra body fat to get fitter. Yes, it is possible to shed accumulated fat if you can drink two cups of green tea every day!

  • It improves brain functions

You would love to become a smarter person, even if it is not possible to get slimmer! Green tea is known to improve the user’s cognitive abilities. It provides caffeine in the right quantity, which acts as a stimulant.

It is quite different from coffee because its regular consumption won’t trigger jittery effects. A moderate amount of caffeine offered by green tea is enough to adenosine. It helps you increase the number of neurons in your brain. Besides, neurotransmitters concentration also improves when green tea becomes a part of your daily diet.

All these changes lead to better cognitive function. You can get smarter and solve tough problems quite easily.

  • It can reduce the risk of cancer!

Cancer is one of the most frightening diseases that occur due to the uncontrolled growth of cells. Many doctors agree that oxidative damage can cause the rapid development of cancerous cells. Free radicals are responsible for this type of damage and green tea has the potential to prevent that.

Green tea provides a rich supply of antioxidants, which help you eliminate free radicals from your body. The risk of oxidative damage to healthy cells reduces along with the risk of cancer. Thus, green tea can help you prevent cancer! It helps you live a healthy and worry-free life if you follow a healthy diet plan!

  • It may prevent the bad breath problem!

Do you avoid getting close to people due to bad breath problems? Green tea contains catechins that can thoroughly improve your oral health and prevent bad breath! Several studies have been conducted to assess the capability of catechins. Results show that it can reduce bacterial growth and prevent infections.

Most people experience oral health issues due to Streptococcus mutans, which is a common oral bacterium. It can cause tooth cavities and decay. The Catechins in green tea eliminates this harmful bacterium and protects your oral organs. Many green tea lovers admire this ingredient for making their breath smell fresh!

How to Take Green Tea?

Brewing tea is not as tough as cooking a complex recipe. However, brewing green tea is a bit different from brewing regular tea. Sugar won’t be a part of the recipe, so don’t even bother to buy it.

Health experts recommend taking this tea with water for maximum health benefits. If you add milk and sugar, you will reduce the effectiveness of this nutrient-rich ingredient. Follow the below-explained tips to enjoy your green tea with all the health benefits it offers.

  • Pick the right green tea

Many individuals presume that all brands provide the same product in the name of green tea. That’s not true! You can find several varieties of green tea and all come with different health benefits.

This ingredient is obtained from more than 10 plants and thus various varieties are available in the market. The most popular green teas include Gyokuro, Matcha, Sencha, Tencha, and Genmaicha. There are several other alternatives you can try after assessing health benefits.

Pick different types and flavors of green tea to enjoy a unique taste every day. Some variants may be more effective than others, but all are beneficial for your health.

  • Pick a reliable brand

Many new tea brands have emerged in the market since green tea became popular. Some brands cost expensive prices for their products and some offer affordable solutions. If you assess green tea’s quality by its value, you may easily miss a cost-effective deal.

Price does not guarantee the quality of green tea! Go through expert reviews and buyers’ reviews to assess which brand is the best supplier of green tea. You will certainly reveal which product has helped people lose extra fat and feel healthier. That will be the best pick!

Method of brewing delicious green tea

Avoid using tea bags if you do not want to miss the essence of the beverage! You can easily buy green tea powder and use it to brew delicious tea.

Boil the water and then blend 1tsp of green tea in a bowl. Steer this green tea blend for a while to brew your tea. Strain tea leaves with the help of a sieve to get a cleaner beverage. Now enjoy it! If you feel something is missing, add a teaspoon of honey or lemon to enhance the flavor.

Many people love to have sweet tea in the morning. You may also plan to add a few teaspoons of sugar to sweeten this beverage. Don’t do that! You have to avoid sugar if you have switched to green tea for weight loss!

Honey and lemon are the two best alternatives to sugar. They have antimicrobial properties and lemons add more antioxidants to the beverage. Thus, you get a delicious and health-promoting beverage to kick-start your day.

Your metabolic system will work flawlessly and you will experience all the benefits of green tea if you take this beverage properly. Follow the tips and this ingredient will keep you healthy all the time.

How much green tea you can drink in a day?

Green tea is a widely researched ingredient for its health benefits. However, there isn’t any conclusive evidence that recommends the right amount of green tea per day. You want to get full advantage of this ingredient and you may prefer at least a few cups a day!

Some health experts believe the amount of green tea a person should take is different for every individual. Even one cup of this health-promoting tea can deliver enough nutrients to trigger the weight loss process.

Suppose you drink up to 3 cups of green tea per day, it will lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Women, who consumed up to 5 cups of green tea, have lowered the threat of stomach cancer.

Excess intake of this beverage can also trigger health problems. So, it will be great if you take only 2-3 cups of green tea per day. Enjoy it in breakfast, afternoon, and in the evening. It does not contain too much caffeine, but you should still avoid it during the night. Thus, you can sleep tight and feel refreshed during the morning.

Is it okay to drink this beverage on an empty stomach?

Most of us consume tea after emptying our stomachs in the morning. It is the most common way of enjoying this refreshing beverage. Health experts recommend that you should avoid taking green tea on empty stomach!

If you drink this beverage without having your breakfast, it may trigger nausea. This ingredient contains tannins that affect most people, who consume it on an empty stomach. Beginners may experience a rapid boost in stomach acids. That will lead to stomach aches and it will be a terrible first experience with the green tea!

You should first consume your breakfast and then take green tea. Do not consume with the meal because it can affect the iron intake. Enjoy this beverage at least 10-15 minutes after having your meal!

What are the side effects of consuming green tea?

People experience no side effects when they drink green tea in a limited quantity. Adverse effects occur only when consuming too much tea. The most common side effects of this beverage include the following:

  • It is going to make you jittery if you consume several cups of green tea every day.
  • It can affect your sleep cycle if you aren’t careful!
  • Being diuretic, green tea can cause dehydration when consumed frequently throughout the day.
  • It may cause headaches if you drink it on empty stomach.
  • It can affect your bowel movements in the beginning.

Doctors recommend iron-deficient people take the tea at least an hour after having the meal. Thus, it will not affect the iron intake!

Final thoughts

Green tea is one of the most beneficial foods for fitness enthusiasts. It helps you become smarter, healthier, fitter, and happier. Follow the right brewing method and take it in limited quantity. Thus, you can experience all the listed health benefits of green tea!

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